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Saxon Math is a basal math curriculum that distributes instruction, practice, and assessment of related topics over a year rather than grouping concepts into chapters or units. This distributed approach is designed to increase student understanding of mathematics concepts and promote long-term retention of skills. Teachers introduce a new concept and work examples with the class. Next, students solve problems that cover the new concept and then concentrate on problems that cover previously introduced material as well as the new concept.In this way, the Saxon math program provides for a continual flow of learning through the incremental daily introduction of new math concepts and ideas, which are then mastered through guided and individual practice. Students also benefit through the daily review of the concepts they have learned in the past, and at the same time add a new piece of knowledge to their growing storehouse of information.

heidi huggins

“Saxon is based on the spiral philosophy, meaning students cover the same concepts several years in a row, gradually advancing them at each grade level. The verbiage is child-friendly, yet promotes higher-level thinking and learning.”
– Ms. Huggins, first grade teacher

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