K-6th Special Area Classes

General Music

boy with violin

Music is included in the curriculum for grades K-6 and taught by a qualified music teacher. The music program:

  • Emphasizes music appreciation, music history, note reading, composition, rhythm, instrument identification and choral skills.
  • Includes the opportunity for students to perform during music instruction.
  • Includes musical performances by each grade level during the school year.

Physical Education (PE)

girl with basketball

Our curriculum resources include Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary Students, Sport Education and Fitness for Life. The program instructs each student in various physical skills and wellness concepts to promote good health and lifelong involvement in physical activities.


The library special area class provides students the opportunity to check out and read books. The library is open after school for one hour per week for student related projects.


computer lab

Computer class introduces students to the basics of computer use, keyboarding and the use of various software programs for academic purposes.


art class clay plate

Art Masterpiece – taught each week for 30 minutes – introduces students to various artists and art styles through structured lessons. Students then have the opportunity to complete an art project that emulates the artist or art style theyve studied. Working with drawing, painting and other media, students learn the basics of art history, principles and elements of design.

Spanish (5-6)

This class introduces students to basic vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and conversation. Students explore the culture of Spanish-speaking countries and communities.

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